Because no one wants to be left home alone!

Because no one wants to be left home alone!

Why do I need Daycare for my dog? I am working from home

Here at Wagging Tails, we offer dogs a safe place to interact and play with other dogs and people and we provide myriad training opportunities designed to improve the relationships between owner and pet.

Stuck at home and in desperate need of companionship, scores of folks throughout the country have turned to a tail-wagging alternative: if you cannot see your friends, adopt a new one instead.

Throughout the pandemic, shelters, rescues, and pet stores have reported a huge surge in dog adoptions. For many of these first-time dog-owners, the allure of a canine companion outweighed the practical considerations; namely, how to train and socialize these new pups during a pandemic!

Additionally, many older dogs, used to seeing their doggy friends in daycare and boarding facilities find themselves hanging at home with their work-at-home or laid-off parents.

In both cases the results are beginning to show, and they do not bode well for our furry friends. A lack of socialization skills, separation anxiety, generalized fear of the novel or unknown, aberrant behavior born of said fear along with frustration and a lack of adequate exercise, a lack of training and the myriad issues associated with dogs who do not listen or behave are all coalescing into dogs having problems and people finding themselves unable to cope.

A lot of these dogs are largely isolated with their families and not getting the experience of the real world, new environments, sounds, smells, and human and animal interactions, and the deepening winter and cold will continue to exacerbate the damage.

We at Wagging Tails, as well as animal professionals around the country are further concerned about what happens when the pandemic ends. Advocates fear when owners go back to work, they will neglect the needs and issues of their “pandemic pups.”

There is most definitely a difference in the relationship between pets and their people during this pandemic and it has just been very apparent to us how important the training and socialization factors are to the ongoing relationships and bonds we foster between ourselves and our pets. We here at Wagging Tails are here to help build that relationship and that bond in a healthy way for the future.

We believe that concern is all the more reason to invest in training and socializing dogs NOW.