Because no one wants to be left home alone!

Because no one wants to be left home alone!


Each of our day care and boarding guests must be in good health, generally social and non-aggressive. Dogs must be receiving flea and tick treatment during flea and tick season.

All dogs who will be participating in day care must be assessed by one of our trainers to determine how we can best serve your dog’s needs and to ensure that all the dogs in our day care are safe and happy.

We also require veterinarian proof of the following:


  • Current rabies vaccination (1 year or 3 year, as determined by vet)
  • Current Distemper/Parvo vaccination
  • Current (within one year) Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination 

We also do not accept new dogs over 12 months old that are not spayed or neutered. 

We truly appreciate the trust that our customers place in us! We understand that your dog is a member of your family and we work hard to provide the love and care they deserve! Our number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of all our dog pack. We ensure all dogs that engage in our playgroups are healthy and current with all appropriate shots. Additionally, ALL NEW dogs are evaluated by experienced trainers and dog handlers to ensure compatibility with the group. We love dogs and we want your dog to love playing at our facility. Evaluations are typically done on Sundays, as it is the best day to introduce new dogs to our pack. If you are unable to do Sunday, please contact us to arrange a separate day. 

You will bring your pup in at your scheduled time. Please plan on spending 5-10 minutes here at that visit. Our staff will review information about your dog and we will do a quick evaluation. If all goes well, we will keep him/her here for a few hours and perform the remainder of the evaluation. During this visit, your pup will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the facility and the sounds and scents of the other guests. Your dog may be introduced to other dogs of various sizes, energy levels, and play styles to see where your dog is most comfortable. Once we determine your pet’s comfort level and play style, they may be allowed into the appropriate playgroup that day. 

Your dog will go home happy and tired after its first day. Expect lots of water drinking and napping! Playing all day is exhausting and dogs love to play!! They will run around and wrestle with each other all day, but dogs have teeth and nails. While we have supervisors in all our playrooms at all times and they are attentive to your dog’s care and needs, it is possible for some minor scratches or cuts to happen and even go unnoticed. If you have any concerns or see any changes in your dog’s behavior please let us know. 

If our trainer determines any dog is overly stressed or not daycare compatible you will be notified immediately. We will then discuss options and recommendations for helping your dog.

We require all Boarding dogs to visit us for at least one half-day of playgroup before their boarding. However, we understand that is not always possible. Exceptions to the evaluation process may be made if your dog is coming in for overnight boarding with the understanding that if they do not pass the evaluation they will be kept separate from any of the playgroups and will incur additional charges for added services.

  • We recommend booking a minimum of 7 days in advance for our Daycare Playgroups and 14 days for our Boarding Suites.
  • Vaccinations must be complete and up-to-date before arrival

Will you take aggressive dogs?

We are able to care for dogs that are not daycare compatible. However, you MUST let us know upfront if your dog is or may be aggressive towards other dogs. Please respect the safety of our pack and our staff. Our trainer will be alerted and may even be able to help your dog!  We do not accept any dogs that are human aggressive.

If we determine that your dog is dog aggressive, you may be charged an additional $31.00 per day. That charge covers a walk and 2 personal play times for your dog because they cannot be in daycare with the other dogs.

We are lifelong dog parents who saw a need for a high-end, safe place where dogs could play, train and stay. We have designed a custom facility with your pets comfort, safety and happiness in mind.

We know there are a lot of choices out there and we want to become your trusted go-to place for your daycare, training, boarding and grooming needs. We take the responsibility of caring for your pet very seriously. Our top goal is to make this a tail wagging good time for your furry family member. We want them to be excited to come and play, train and stay with us. We understand the importance of socialization, training and safety. All of our dog handlers are “trainers in training”. They are all trained under the direct supervision of our lead trainer, Greg Riley. That means only the best qualified handlers will be working with, playing with and engaging with your dog.

We have three large indoor/outdoor playrooms so that your dog will be grouped with dogs of similar disposition and temperament. The playrooms are air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter, and we have specialized insulated floors for our guests comfort and safety. The outdoor areas are top quality K-9 turf designed for optimal cleanliness, comfort and sanitation. We have a ten-foot roof overhang to offer protection from the elements, and multiple wading pools where the pups can relax or play in warmer weather. Whether they are inside or out, they will always have 100% supervision by our trained handlers.

To provide a bright, welcoming feel for your pet, we have windows throughout the facility for lots of natural light. The overnight facilities are top- of -the- line 5’x5’ rooms. The overnight area also has a separate air purifier for the health of all our guests, as well as a triple- insulated floor to keep the floor temperature consistent all year. Your dog will never be confined to their sleeping quarters during the day except to eat and nap.

More information

If you have any questions that we have not addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us.

You may either click the contact us button or call us at 413-322-3333.