Because no one wants to be left home alone!

Because no one wants to be left home alone!

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I left my sweet (old) girl here overnight last Friday. Tilly has major eye problems and needs four medications (drops and ointments) applied four times a day. Several other “pet resorts” have not done these as needed. Wagging Tails did a great job with the medications and lots of love for Tilly! Thanks to a great staff! – —Edie K

We boarded our beloved cats Dulce and Leche with Chris at Wagging Tails from may 18 to June 8. We were in a bind because previously planned housing for the kitties had fallen through and we needed something last minute. Chris came through for us in a way that was so helpful, efficient and caring. She took over immediately, well planned the kitties’ stay and made sure to pay attention to their needs. When we hadn’t planned for enough food , Chris made sure to go out and get what was needed. Our questions over the weeks were immediately responded to and Chris was warm and attentive in her responses to us. The kitties came back looking really well cared for. But even as important, Chris took care of me and my daughter, making the transition with Dulce and Leche so caring and easy. I trust Chris and Wagging Tails completely and recommend Wagging Tail with complete enthusiasm!

– Judith B

Wagging Tails has been great! My fur baby comes home tired and happy, so I know he’s had a full day of playing with other pups. We’ll definitely be using them again!

– Stephanie L

I love the outdoor play areas! The dogs seem so happy! Beautiful new building and very friendly staff.

-Sharon N

First of all our family (and pups) LOVE Greg, so it was a no brainer to send Bruce there for a weekend stay. They took care of his allergies, and kept our boy happy. He came home with a wagging tail and smelling fresh and clean! Our pups will be back again this summer!

-The Giardino’s

I’ve dropped my dog Bronn off for two rounds of doggy daycare and he came home happy and tired! As a first time dog Mom, seeing how excited he got when we walked up to the building, even when we pulled into the drive way I heard his excited whimpers, it made me so happy. I know he had a full day of puppy play time and we’ll definitely be back in the future!

-Steph P

Our sweet little Bichon, Finley, was not having his best day before getting a dapper grooming. He looked very happy and handsome after a successful trip to the Groomer. She was very patient and gentle with him and put the happy wag back in his tail. We will be back again soon!

-Kim D

We enrolled our 7 month old puppy in the doggie day care program. We rescued her from a shelter and we noticed that she could really benefit from some interaction with other dogs and people. So we researched a few places in the area and choose the Wagging Tails Pet Resort. Dropping her off on the first day I was a little worried as she didn’t seem too thrilled. Rachel greeted us and she immediately warmed up to her, which is not typical. I felt very comfortable leaving her at that point. When I picked her up after work she was happy and clearly tired! I learned that she had a great day full of playing and even made a new puppy friend. She was pretty tired and went to sleep early that night! We were very happy with our experience and plan to continue using their doggie daycare program!

-Michelle T

Our 9-month-old English Cocker Spaniel’s first visit for some doggy daycare, followed by a full grooming went great! Gracie is shy and hasn’t been around many other dogs. She made some new dog friends and had a blast playing with them in the outdoor play area. Then she was completely pampered by the groomer. Her groomer was very gentle, knowledgeable, and did an absolutely wonderful cut. Thank you, Chris, for the great experience at Wagging Tails. Gracie will definitely be back for more fun and pampering.

-Laurie C

So lucky to have a wonderful place for my kitties to go to while I was on vacation. They even posted several pictures of my kitties on their page which was wonderful.  Emily loves to be cuddled and they loved cuddling her. I’m already booked for another vacation and my kitties will be happy to be back with the caring staff at Wagging Tails Pet Resort. Thank you all so much.

-Karen N

Best place ever!!  My very energetic boxer puppy needed a place to socialize with other dogs and people and work on her separation anxiety. I’ve taken her to half and full day daycares every once in a while and she is like a new dog! So confident and doesn’t freak out anymore when I close the door to the bathroom for 30 seconds ha-ha! The staff and owner, Christine, are truly amazing!  I intend to take her there a couple times a week once school starts back up. As soon as Lilah realizes we are at daycare she gets so excited and runs to the door, she actually is sad when she has to leave her dog friends ha-ha. They have indoor and outdoor areas with baby pools and climbing things and homemade treats! Their groomer is awesome, and I’m pumped to start obedience training classes this September!! Woo! We are lifelong attendees!

-Emily M

This was my first experience boarding my rescue and it was a positive experience for my pup and me. Wagging Tails was very accommodating of my dogs needs and went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable and confident. By the end of her stay my pup was romping with all the other dogs and having a blast. The grooming she had at the end of her stay was great too!

-Emily L

It’s easy to see by the way my Doc is so excited when we walk in the doors of Wagging Tails that Chris and her staff are doing a fantastic job. The handlers are always just as excited to see him too and it warms my heart. Doc always comes home happy and tired after I bring him to Wagging Tails and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!

-Alison P

This place is fantastic, my 6-month-old German Shepherd was nervous and afraid of people and other dogs. On her second stay at doggie daycare she was coming out of her shell and playing with other dogs and letting people touch her. Fantastic crew there!!!

-Eva-Maye L

My shy little girl Eleanor spent the day at Wagging Tails and loved it! I was so nervous when I dropped her off because she gets nervous around new people and dogs, but everyone was so lovely and caring towards her. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my pet! Eleanor can’t wait to go back and hang with her new family.

-Lauren C

I brought my small dog for daycare and was very pleased.  A convenient location and staffed by people who love animals and are responsible in their care.  He came home happy, and tired. I will be back next week!

-Cheryl C

Good facility, friendly staff .

-Jesse P

I am so excited I found Wagging Tails! Excellent staff! They are knowledgeable, caring people who have fun and LOVE the pups! I was bringing my puppy all the way back to Albany because I could not find a place that had everything that I was looking for! This place has it all! Sophie just loves it!

-Elizabeth F

We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Wagging Tails Pet Resort in Hadley!!! We boarded our two Boxer’s with them for two weeks while on vacation & I could not be any happier with the care and treatment they received during their time with them. Prior to boarding both boys I stopped in to discuss some issues & concerns we have with one of our Boxer’s that would require Wagging Tails staff to make several accommodations for Copper (most importantly to be very attentive of his surroundings at all times) and they were more than willing to make sure his stay would go smoothly with no problems & it did!!! Finally we found a place that is clean, friendly & most importantly they treats your pets as their own while in their care. We will definitely be using them again for all our boarding needs.

-Marie E

Wonderful place to get your dog groomed for the summer. The groomer there gave my dog a great cut and brushed her teeth too! I also had to board Stella for a few days and Wagging Tails took such great care of her. I totally recommend this place.

-Christine G

My kids have been so happy. I am thrilled to get pictures of them everyday! Thank you so much! Wagging Tails, Chris & staff take great care with our kids.

-Lindy O

We brought Simpson in for his first grooming today (a six month old labradoodle). Amanda was amazing! He looks and smells great. I would highly recommend Wagging Tails pet resort.

-Karen M

WE LOVE WAGGING TAILS!!! I brought my little dude to a few other dog daycares, and we didn’t have much luck- so I was apprehensive to try this one, but a friend of mine gave them great reviews, so in a last ditch effort we brought Andy to Wagging Tails. I am so happy we did!!! The staff is super friendly, and very passionate about their jobs and the dogs. The lady who did our intake, was very compassionate to my dog who is an energetic and anxious min pin chi. She picked him up and brought him to the backroom. When I arrived to pick him up, much earlier than anticipated- the other staff member was very kind about my change in our plans. Andy was out back playing, she gave him extra treats and said he played with everyone. Additionally, their groomer did an awesome job on his nails!!! Before I hit the Calvin Coolidge Bridge, he was sound asleep as he played all day with the other dogs. I LOVE that they take pictures throughout the day that they share on social media, so you can see how your dog was throughout the day. I have already booked his next day at Wagging Tails and know there will be many more!

-Jillyan L

If you want your dog to go indoors and outdoors with a small kiddie pool this is the place for you! I’ve gone to quite a few of the doggie daycare places around this area and this is really the place I had pictured for my dog. The owner is very nice, and she makes her own dog treats.!! They also have a groomer there that I have not tried yet but that is definitely on my list. They also have a punchcard that if you go certain amount of days that you get 10% off. Check it out

-Masea T

I’m glad that I did my research on where to bring our rescue dog for his first daycare & boarding experience because Wagging Tails is awesome! It is a brand new clean, top of the line facility located conveniently in Hadley. Christine and her staff really do go above and beyond to meet the needs of not only the pets they care for, but their owners as well. This is the only place I trust bringing my dog to. It can be stressful leaving your pet for the first time, Wagging Tails ensures safety and happiness of your pet while you are away. There are many services you can customize to fit your pets needs whether it be grooming, walks, or personal playtime. Thank you Christine for being so accommodating, understanding and professional for Tex & us. We look forward to coming back soon 🙂

-Hannah P

Our puppy, Gus, is having a marvelous time at Wagging Tails! At drop off time, he runs in, with his tail high up and wagging, and not a backward glance for me. He comes home happy, and so tired that he can barely stay awake for his dinner. This is a great place.

-Sandy S

I boarded my two dogs at Wagging Tails for three weeks, and I could not be happier with the experience! One of my dogs is older with diabetes and cataracts. I spoke with them initially to see if they could board her with her issues, and they said it would be no problem. Wagging Tails has a very nice website. I set up an account and provided detailed information about each dog. The drop-off was easy (and a little sad). They posted pictures almost everyday of my dogs playing, and this put my mind at ease while I was on the other side of the world. Pick-up was also very easy. Usually when I pick my dogs up from the boarder, it takes them a day or two to return to normal. When I picked them up from Wagging Tails, which was their longest boarding experience ever, they were immediately themselves. They were happy and playful and ate and drank normally. This convinced me that the great people at Wagging Tails took excellent care of my dogs while I was gone. I will never use anyone else, even though they are over an hour away! I HIGHLY recommend them.


I have had my lab Sunshine  there multiple times for boarding and daycare , he loved it and the homemade treats 🙂 he came home tired after playing in daycare and well taken care of by caring staff for boarding. I really loved the 24/7 care the received while boarding and I called everyday to check on him and Chris was awesome responding. Thank you! see you soon! 🙂

-Mary S

Will absolutely recommend this place to any dog owner who is over protective of their furry friend. The team at Wagging Tails is amazing….I can go on and on how happy we are with the service, but the bottom line….we had to drive hour and a half to this place because we don’t trust anyone else with our big boy, who is also a little unpredictable at times…..they took the best care of our baby!!! And can’t forget their amazing facility and homemade treats that our Delta can’t get enough of ❤️❤️❤️

-Inessa M

We go to see our groomer Amanda! Bella gives wagging tails 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 5 Paws up! She loves her visits there, the staff are great!

-Alexis A

I brought my Finn to be groomed here and Amanda did a wonderful job! His nails and ears were pristine and he smelled so good! Amanda took such great care of him while he was there. She gave me a great status update when we picked him up and told me how awesome he was. Finn adores Amanda! I would 100% recommend anyone to take their dog to be groomed by Amanda!

-Brittani A

Milo had his first Wagging Tales grooming visit today. What a lovely, friendly group of people! I love the atmosphere. Amanda is the best groomer Milo has had in his 10 years of life as a doodle. Thanks Amanda and Wagging Tales!

-Julie S

Our little Shih Tzu puppy has been for day care a few times and he seems to love it. He came home very tired today, passed out on the car ride home! The facility is clean and booking online is super convenient. We will definitely be regulars.

-Sam B

I am so glad we found Wagging Tails! Gracie loves going to day camp. When we pull in the parking lot she practically drags me to the door. She always comes home tired and happy.

-Sarah E

Wagging Tails is wonderful! We love how efficient it is—booking online is so helpful!—and our dog loves the staff and facilities. He’s always tired and happy when we pick him up.

-Kellie H

We love Wagging Tails, Chris and the rest of the team are fantastic and take great care of Stella! The customer portal is easy to use and efficient, the building is big with tons of out door space and all of the dogs look like they have the best time there. We looked at a few other doggy day cares in the Hadley/Northampton area and even had interviews there but Wagging Tails is above and beyond the best! Anyone in the area who is looking for somewhere to send their dog, I would recommend this place. We give it 5 paws up! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

-Catherine T

We brought Simpson in for his first grooming today (a six month old labradoodle). Amanda was amazing! He looks and smells great. I would highly recommend Wagging Tails pet resort.

-Karen M

I am so excited I found Wagging Tails! Excellent staff! They are knowledgeable, caring people who have fun and LOVE the pups! I was bringing my puppy all the way back to Albany because I could not find a place that had everything that I was looking for! This place has it all! Sophie just loves it!

-Elizabeth F