Because no one wants to be left home alone!

Because no one wants to be left home alone!

Meet Our Pack Leaders
Leader of the Pack

Chris is a lifelong animal-lover and businesswoman. She is a Western Massachusetts native who saw a need for additional dog daycare and boarding in our area. Chris is happiest when she is playing with her lab-mix Wyatt. She is trained in animal CPR and possesses a lifetime of experience loving and training her own dogs. She is often asked by friends and family to dog-sit or help out with training.

This business is Chris’ dream. She has the passion and love for animals that will ensure Wagging Tails is a fun and safe environment. She is only working with professionals of the highest caliber because she truly wants every animal in her care to have the absolute best treatment possible.
Director of Barketing and Tail Wagging

Tracy is our Director of Marketing and Development. Tracy is combining her tremendous love for dogs with 20+ years of marketing and business development knowledge to help WTPR keep growing and improving. Tracy describes her role as “Canine Cruise Director” When she is not busy planning fun adventures or events for our WTPR pack she is busy at home with her family & her 3 playful Labs (or golfing)!
Lead Kibble Counter

Sharon is our Accounting Manager and she also sits on our Board of Directors as the Treasurer. She has several years of accounting experience. She also has experience volunteering in an animal shelter in South Carolina where she helped with fund raisers and taking care of the animals there.

She lives in South Carolina with her husband and their daughter Celine and their best friend, Starbuck.
Canine Coach


Chris is our Canine Behavior Consultant, and lead Dog Trainer,

Chris  was born and raised in Sandown, NH. He has recently returned to the area after living in Naples, FL. Chris has spent many years studying dog behavior and multidisciplinary training. His passion is a world with well-behaved dogs and knowledgeable owners.

Chris graduated at the top of his class from the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in High Ridge Missouri where he learned from experts in the areas of puppy imprinting, pet and competition obedience, agility, tracking, scent detection and protection.  Chris also graduated from The  Tar Heel Canine School, which focused on protection and drug detection work.  Chris and his canine pal Storm achieved top honors in obedience testing and exceled at tracking, scent and protection work. After studying in many different fields of dog training, Chris found his calling in behavioral modification and advanced obedience training.

Chris says he is driven to learn more each day about dog behavior and his favorite part of training is “working with the most challenging dogs and developing a truly individualized plan to help the dog and coach their owners. I really want to teach people how to properly communicate with their furry friends” 

When he’s not training, Chris loves pickleball, basketball and hiking with his BFF Storm.

Further, Chris is an instructor in the humane application and use of e-collar technologies, using the micro-level approach of Softouch K-9 Training Systems™; which ensures adherence to a science-based and humane E-Collar teaching methodology that maximizes the human-canine bond while training dogs to the highest levels of off-leash, or as we term it; “OFF THE HOOK!” proficiency. 

Director of Fluff and Dry

Megan is our grooming Salon Manager here at Wagging Tails Pet Resort. She work full time at our Hadley location and she has been working with animals since her first job in high school. She has now been grooming dogs for 9 years and she loves it! It makes her day to see our furry friends walk out of the salon knowing they feel great and look great too. Grooming is essential for a dogs well being and it is her top priority to provide a safe grooming experience for them. She is looking forward to meeting you and your fur babies!
Bark Control

Ava is our Manager here at Wagging tails. Growing up in Western Massachusetts in the middle of nowhere, living on a small homestead as a child there wasn’t a time when she wasn’t playing with some type of creature, pet, or insect. Chasing the chickens, riding the pigs and pestering the cows was part of her normal everyday schedule. Her parents would always tell her “Just because it’s fuzzy doesn’t mean it’s homeless. ” to try to get her to stop bringing home all kinds of strays. As she grew older nothing about her love for animals changed. Ava says “Sadly for my parents this meant that I could now afford my own animals so they couldn’t turn away the lost and stray pets I would bring home and care for. I currently have 6 Dogs and Two horses and they all spend time at Wagging Tails!! Animals have always been my passion and I am grateful that I get to express that at work everyday. When I’m not in the playroom snuggling with our daycare pups and playing fetch, you will most likely find me on the back of one of my horses. Going on trail rides, and working with horses of all breeds and ages while spending time in the barn is another huge passion of mine. I’ve been in the horse world for 17+ years now and there has never been a dull moment with these brilliant animals!

Adriana is an assistant manager and a dog handler here at Wagging Tails Pet Resort. She is currently a junior psychology major at Western New England University looking to pursue a career working with veterans who have PTSD, along with helping them get service animals. Adriana has always loved animals and currently owns two pups of her own, Tosha and Naya. Her favorite past time is going on adventures with her dogs and days spent riding horses at Wagging Tails at Heritage Farm. She says that working at Wagging Tails has been a dream job for her and she loves spending time with everyone’s pups!

Mel is an assistant manager and dog handler here at Wagging Tails Pet Resort. Growing up on the south shore meant he spent plenty of time at the beach interacting with wildlife. He got his first dog at 12 years old and his family started fostering coonhounds a year later. He started working at a pet facility while in high school and has been working with dogs since! Mel currently has two dogs of his own, Wall-E and Truffle, who accompany him everyday at work. He is studying to become a certified dog trainer and loves learning about behavior everyday at work by spending time with all of the amazing resort guests. Giving the dogs nature walks is one of his favorite parts of the day because he gets to spend one on one time with a dog and really get to know them.